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Verstecktes Google Konto und versteckter Systemadmin in LineageOS 19.1
Is the builtin app named "Storagemanager" a hidden system administrator in LineageOS 19.1?
I ask this because in LineageOS 14.1 Storagemanager is a systemadministrator app.
In LineageOS 14.1 under > settings > apps > special app access > deviceadministrators, nothing showed up by default, but then i pressed the three dots on the top right and selected "show system", then storage manager was shown as active system administrator app.
I had the option to disable it, which i did, as i dont want ANY app to be administrator as i consider myself as the device owner being the administrator in place, no need for an app to have any such administrative permissions.
Now in LineageOS 19.1 when you navigate to > settings > apps > special app access > deviceadministrators > the three dots on the top right corner to show system apps ARE GONE.
This makes me think storage manager is a secret/hidden system administrator that cannot be disabled in lineageOS 19.1 because the three dots at the top right have been removed in 19.1 basically making it IMPOSSIBLE to the device owner to remove unwanted systemadministrator apps.
If infact storagemanager is a secret systemadministrator app, why is that so, why was the option to disable this app from being a system administrator removed??

Another question, in LineageOS 14.1 when i tried to open the calendar app, there was a prompt/popup saying "to use the calendar app you must add atleast one [b]google account[/b] to your phone".
To be honest that scared me... considering that i use LineageOS purely for privacy and Google is the opposite of privacy.
That being said please keep in mind (this is very important), in LineageOS 14.1 when i opened the calendar app i was asked to add a Google account...
Here comes the things, in LineageOS 19.1 when i open the calendar app the prompt/popup says this: "before you can use the calendar app you must add atleast one calendar account".
That sounds very suspicious to me, because in 14.1 it was called google account and now in 19.1 its called callendar account, obviously my question is now... is the callendar account a google account just being called out in another way...?? If yes this is obviously a major manipulation because not naming google here will trick most likely any LineageOS user to creating a callendar account without even knowing that in reality what they just did was to create a goolge account on their privacy phone...... what sort of manipulative person would make such a nightmare come true? At this point i must ask if LineageOS even is a privacy option anymore... or has it been inflitrated by google already...

Another suspicous change i detected after switching from LineageOS 14.1 to 19.1 is that under > settings > apps > special app access > useage access, zero apps are listed, but once i pressed the three dots in the top right corner, bluetooth, media storage, nfc service, package installer, permissions controller, phone services, shell, storage manager, and systemui where ALL shown as "[b]access to useage data = allowed[/b]". This really makes me woonder what is going on with LineageOS, what reason is there to grant all these apps access to useage data by default?? In LineageOS 14.1 there was not a single app even the system ones, that had useage data access set to allowed, infact in 14.1 all apps where set to be not allowed to access useage data. What is going on here and why??
screenshot 2

Another change i noticed from LineageOS 14.1 to 19.1 is that under > settings > privacy, in 14.1 i was able to edit individual app permissions and enable or disable the privacy mode, in 19.1 there seems to be a new service so called "trust" which is responsible for privacy, im fine with that, however i am missing a very important privacy setting that was present in 14.1 but is not in 19.1 and that is "start on boot". On 14.1 i was able to select any specific app and deny or allow it's access to start itself on boot. Why is this important setting not present in 19.1?
In 19.1 under > settings > privacy > permissions manager, there is no option to deny apps to "start on boot".
My guess is, either 19.1 blocks all apps from starting on boot by default, or it allows it by default for all apps and there is simply no option to stop that which would be a major privacy downgrade compared to older versions...

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